Wadvisor terms of Service

Thank you for choosing Wadvisor. Using Wadvisor implies you agree to the present Terms of Service which we encourage you to read carefully along with our Privacy Policy. These Terms of Service govern your access to the websites and services provided by Wadvisor as well as the use you make of them. In the ensuing paragraphs, the term “Product” refers to the websites and service provided by Wadvisor. Do not hesitate to contact us via our contact form should you have a query.

Use of Wadvisor

Who can use Wadvisor?

Any natural person using Wadvisor is conditioned on their acceptance by our Privacy Policy and Terms of Service which bind them legally to Wadvisor by means of a contract. Whenever you create your Wadvisor account as a natural person, the personal information you are asked to provide must be accurate and up to date. Children under 13 are strictly prohibited from using or accessing Wadvisor.

We are considering letting legal entities use Wadvisor in a future version. Our terms and conditions shall at that point be reviewed accordingly.

The License we grant you

Provided you agree to our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy, we grant you a free, limited, non-exclusive, non-transferrable and revocable personal license to use our products. This license does not entitle you to use it for marketing purposes. Should you engage in such an activity, you must agree to compensate and relieve Wadvisor of any liability in the eyes of the law and of any moral injury or financial loss that might be sustained.

User content

Adding content

Wadvisor enables you, among other things, to create questions using several formats (texts, photos,…) and to answer the latter by adding or not adding comments. All the information you publish on Wadvisor is regarded as “User Content”. You retain all rights relating to this content and are solely responsible for this “User Content”. Wadvisor is unable to verify the content published by each User and cannot be held liable regarding these contents. Within this context, you are notably forbidden from publishing:

  • pornographic, erotic or pedophilic content,
  • violent, racist, discriminatory or hateful content,
  • content that violates another party’s intellectual property rights or infringes the copyrighted work of other parties,
  • personal information belonging to a third party,
  • ads,
  • content addressing counterfeiting issues ,
  • any form of propaganda.

Your password

When signing up for Wadvisor, you are responsible for choosing your own password. Wadvisor also offers you the opportunity of changing your password as you wish through the “My account” menu. Wadvisor shall not be held liable in the event of your password being stolen. This is why we encourage you to choose a strong password that includes uppercase letters, lowercase letters, numbers and symbols.

Should you notice your password has been stolen, please contact us as soon as possible using the “Contact us” feature so that we may take all necessary measures.

Your contribution to improving Wadvisor

If you send us any observations, comments, ideas or suggestions, you agree to let us use them without any restriction or compensation to you. We shall be free to use them as we wish and without any obligation towards you.

Wadvisor’s rights

All Wadvisor products belong to Wadvisor. They are protected by copyright and trademark law. Any use of our brand, or any reproduction without our prior written permission shall be liable to legal prosecution.

Changes regarding our Terms of Service

Wadvisor reserves the right to changes its Terms of Service at any time. Should an erroneous translation be detected, the French version shall take precedence.

Only the latest version of our Terms of Service shall be deemed applicable.

Should a new version viewed as major be put online, you shall receive an email notification of the update. By continuing to use our service, you tacitly accept the new Terms of Service.

Effective date:31 March 2015