Wadvisor privacy policy

In view of the development of novel communication tools, paying special attention to privacy-related issues becomes necessary. This is why we commit ourselves to respecting the private nature of the personal information we collect as described in the following paragraphs.

What types of data do we collect?

The personal information we collect is retrieved through forms and by means of the interactivity established between you and Wadvisor. Whenever you sign up or use our products (create or reply to a question for instance), you voluntarily offer us a certain amount of information such as when registering:

  • First name
  • Last name
  • Alias
  • E-mail address
  • Gender / Sex
  • Age / Date of birth
  • Profession
  • Country of residence
  • Current city

But also your profile picture, cover photo and list of friends whenever you register via a third party such as Facebook.

We also use, as indicated in the ensuing paragraphs, data from third-party providers and technical data (cookies and/or log files) to collect information relating to you as well as the way in which you interact with our products, such as for instance:

  • your current concerns,
  • the duration of your activities,
  • your contacts,
  • your location data whenever you are using a mobile terminal,
  • information relating to the terminals you use (the operating system for instance).

You must always bear in mind that some of your personal information can be seen by all Internet users, whether they be Wadvisor users or not, and that they may be indexed by search engines. As for instance:

  • your profile picture, first name, last name, country, current city,
  • or in aggregate form: the number of people registered on Wadvisor throughout France.

The questions you ask shall solely be seen by your contacts and our teams. For safety reasons, we systematically store the IP address of the terminal being used to ask a question and the one used to reply.

Technical data

Whenever you use Wadvisor, our servers automatically generate log files that mainly include the following information:

  • IP addresses
  • Information relating to your operating system
  • Information relating to the browser you are using
  • Pages you have visited and requests
  • Times and days you logged in
  • Information relating to the terminal you have used

Furthermore, depending on the products you use when logging in to Wadvisor, cookies may be registered on your terminal. These cookies may be session cookies or persistent cookies (meaning they will remain on your terminal until you delete them). Since these cookies are linked to an individual, they may possibly include personal information.

Third-party data

Wadvisor uses third-party services in order to offer improved user experience, but also with the concern of constantly improving our products. We for instance use:

  • Facebook as mentioned earlier (the features promote Wadvisor and register via Facebook)
  • but also other third-party services such as Google Analytics in order to analyse how our products are used and how we can improve them.

These providers enable us to obtain information relating to you and emanating from their services.

What use is made of the data we collect?

The data we collect enables us to improve the products we offer our users, to come up with new ones and help you benefit from services that suit your needs. The data we collect is indeed linked to an individual (a Wadvisor user), which means it can identify you personally and enable us, for instance:

  • to offer you, depending on the terminal you are using (desktop computer, phone, tablet,…) an adapted graphical interface to ensure an improved user experience,
  • or even, if you registered via Facebook or used the feature “Promote Wadvisor to friends”, to offer you the choice of adding contacts you know from Facebook.

How is your data shared?

We may be induced to call on third parties to carry out services that require your personal data be used. In that case, these providers must comply with privacy obligations. Information that is in an aggregate form but does not enable you to be personally identified may also possibly be passed on to third parties or appear on our website and therefore be seen by all Internet users.


The personal information we collect is stored in a secure environment. The people working for us are under the obligation of respecting the confidential nature of your information.

To ensure your personal details remain safe, we resort to the following measures:

  • SSL Protocol (Secure Sockets Layer)
  • Network monitoring software
  • Computer backup
  • Username / password
  • Firewalls
  • Encrypting sensitive data such as your password for instance

We commit ourselves to maintaining a high level of privacy by incorporating the latest technological innovations that enable us to ensure the confidentiality of your transactions. Nevertheless, since no mechanism offers an utmost and infallible degree of safety, an element of risk always exists whenever you use the Internet to pass on personal information. Wadvisor shall not be held liable in the event of data theft being perpetrated on our servers by a hacker.

Changes to personal data

You may change your personal information at any time via the “My account” page, but also delete your account, a picture or a question you asked. For technical reasons, deleted information shall no longer be visible to Wadvisor users and shall be permanently deleted from our systems within a reasonable period of time.

Our policy regarding minors who have not attained the age of 13 years

Wadvisor is not aimed at children under 13. Should you discover your child has given Wadvisor any personal information you have not consented to, please inform us by writing to us via our contact form so that the data may be deleted.

Changes to our Privacy Policy

Wadvisor reserves the right to change its Privacy Policy at any time.

Only the French version of our Privacy Policy has legal value.

Only the latest version of our Privacy Policy governs the use that is made of your information.

Should a new version viewed as major be put online, you shall receive an email notification of the update. By continuing to use our products, you tacitly accept the new Privacy Policy.

Effective date:31 March 2015