“Easily create and share your surveys“

    As a company, association or blogger: you often need to know what you customer expect but you are not into sending a long and verbose survey:

    • Do you prefer article on trendy destination or cool low cost journey?
    • What dish of the day would you like on our menu tomorrow?
    • What do you think of our new mobile app design?

    Avec Wadvisor, as simple as a snap of the finger:

    • I create a page describing my activity,
    • my subscribers are automatically notified of updates ,
    • I can share my questions on Facebook, Twitter or even on my website thanks to Widgets Wadvisor,
    • I can easily view results..


    1. I select a question type
      • Yes/No
      • Picture selection
      • Text selection
      • Date selection
    2. I select duration my question is accessible
    3. I write my question and I add choices
      • Yes/No
        Example:Ok for a movie Wednesday night?
        1. Yes
        2. No
      • Picture selection
        Example:Date with Arnold Saturday night: what should I wear?
      • Text selection
        Example:What is the best city in Europe to party?
        1. Paris
        2. London
        3. Milan
      • Date selection
        Example:Which date for our end of year dinner?
        1. 12/4/2019
        2. 12/11/2019
        3. 12/18/2019
        4. 12/25/2019
    4. Select appropriate audience
    5. Let’s go!!!! I can share a link so that my unregistered contact can answer. I can also share my question on Facebook
    6. I get results of my poll in real time

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